Anti-Doping Organizations and their Delegated Third Party with a "Athlete Profile" contract can import a list of athlete records in ADAMS from a properly formatted file, see specifications here.

Athlete records created from an import file will contain an automatic historic activity on the demographic grid which indicates who imported the file and when the record was created.

Duplicate checking:

  • Potential duplicate records have a last name, first name, date of birth, and gender that exactly match a record already in the system.
  • Potential duplicates are considered errors.

Importing athlete records:

  1. Login as a business user
  2. Go to Import athlete records
  3. Browse to your .csv file and click import

Import history

The detail of each import is recorded. To review it:

  1. Within Import athlete records
  2. Click details to view the summary
    The system will display the import results.
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