Major Event Organizers can request to WADA to create a Major Event in order to facilitate the access to the relevant athlete profiles. How to proceed?

  1. Notify the ADAMS Team of the event at least three (3) months before the games including the following information:
    1. Major Event Organizer (MEO)
    2. Testing Authority (TA)
    3. Sample Collection Agency (SCA)
    4. Result Management Authority (RMA)
    5. List of sports and disciplines practiced during the event (the reference list of sports disciplines available in ADAMS can be downloaded here).
    6. Start and end dates of the event
    7. Start and End date of the testing (i.e., the Event Period as per the Code, established by the MEO)
    8. Country and City of the event
      Following an internal process review, the event will be added in ADAMS. (If the Sample Collection Authority is a Delegated Third Party the signature of the contract will be required).
  2. Send one (1) month before the event to the ADAMS Team the list of athletes included in the event in the correct format (see this article).

    lastname : Last name of athlete  
    firstname : First name of athlete  
    nationality :
    Citizenship of the athlete. Only one nationality is possible per athlete in the import file. Must specify 2-character ISO standard codes for countries (e.g. CA for Canada; EE for Estonia, etc.)

    Codes are available here
    sport_nationality: Sport nationality of the athlete. Only one sport nationality is possible per athlete in ADAMS. This is the country for which the athlete competes internationally. Must specify ISO standard or IOC standard country codes as with nationality

    Codes are available here
    gender: Accepted values: M, F, or X  
    dateofbirth: dd/mm/yyyy (e.g. 26/07/1975)  
    sport: Specify sport code (e.g. AQ for Aquatics) Codes are available here
    discipline: Specify discipline code Codes are available here
    if: ADAMS shortname of the International Federation Codes are available here

  3. List update frequency will be discussed with the support team.

Why do you need to notify the ADAMS Team?

The major event module in ADAMS, grants the following access rights to the MEO and its SCA to facilitate the test planning, sample collection and results management of the event.

  • Athlete profiles
  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions for recognition
  • Whereabouts information
  • Result Management


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