Reporting of Steroid Profiling data (endogenous steroids) in urine samples

Steroid Profiling data (endogenous steroids) can be reported in a dedicated section within urine lab results.

The Steroidal Profile Data values are mandatory, so they should be entered in the Urine Lab Results before the Status change to Submitted or Partially Submitted. 

  1. Search for the Urine lab result
  2. Click Edit
  3. Enter "Date Received by Lab”: Confounding factors will only be displayed after this field is entered 
  4. Within the Steroidal Data Profile section : 
    1. Enter Initial values of Microbial contamination: at least one value must be entered.
    2. Enter Initial values of Steroid Profile Variables: values are mandatory .
    3. Select Presence of Confounding Factors: The list of confounding factors displayed depends on the “Date Received by Lab” field in both the Lab Result and EQAS forms.(See Confounding Factors added to the Lab Results / EQAS since 13 April 2021)Snag_645b15f.png
  5. Save
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