Entering Blood Test Results to a Blood Passport Sample

In the case that a Laboratory is requested to apply additional testing (EPOs, Blood Transfusion, HBOC, etc) to a blood passport sample (in which an “A” and “B” sample is collected and after completing and reporting the ABP analysis in compliance to the TD BAR), the following steps shall be completed by the Testing Authority and the Laboratory in order to report the results and ensure a match with the appropriate DCF in ADAMS.

A. The Testing Authority to edit the blood passport DCF.

    1. Go to the File Tree area.
    2. Click the + symbol next to DCF.
    3. Select the appropriate DCF.
    4. Click the “Edit” button. The page reloads in Edit Mode.
    5. Then in the Samples tab, click the “Add Sample” button to enter information about the Test Sample.

    6. Select Sample Type as “Blood”.
    7. Enter the “Sample Code” which is the same as the blood passport sample.
    8. Enter the “Time of Collection” which is the same as entered for the blood passport sample.
    9. Enter the “Sent to Lab” as the same Laboratory that originally received the blood passport sample. Enter a few characters found in the name of the lab (city, country or acronym) and press enter, or click the magnifying glass. If more than one match is found, a Labs selection list window will pop up.
    10. Enter the “Manufacturer” of the sample Anti-Doping Test Kit.
    11. Click the Save button.

B. The Laboratory to enter the blood test results

  1. In ADAMS, choose “New Lab Result”.
  2. Type in the “Sample Code” (same as the blood passport sample).
  3. Select “Sample Type” as Blood.
  4. Click on “Autocomplete” to record the new blood DCF information.
  5. Report the required blood testing results.
  6. Add comment: “Whole blood sample which was previously analyzed for the ABP blood passport” in the Analysis Details/Explanation/Opinion text field.

  7. Click on “Save” to submit record.
  8. Refer to the Laboratory Guidelines “Conducting and Reporting Subcontracted Analysis and Further Analysis for Doping Control Guideline for reporting” if necessary.
  9. The blood testing results will match with the DCF new sample type (blood) and the Testing Authority will have access to the blood results. 





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