As of October 4, 2022

  • Athlete Whereabouts update via SMS : The phone number to update athlete whereabouts via SMS was updated to +18192724278.
  • Next Gen Testing Orders and Doping Control Forms:
    • All users are now granted access to both Next Gen Testing Order and Doping Control Forms.
    • We aim at decommissioning the Classic version of the forms by January 2023, please send all feedback to the ADAMS support.
    • All links to Doping Control Forms will redirect users to the Next Gen Form
    • Users can access Unsuccessful Attempt forms and download DCO reports completed in DCO Central via the Testing Order
  • DCO Central:
    • The lead DCO of a Testing Order will be able to share individual test with other sample collection personnel flagged as Testing Order participants
    • Laboratory version of the Doping Control and Chain of Custody form will be sent in CSV format.
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