1. Login as Administrator
    2. Go to User Account Management
    3. Click New User
      1. Complete the Firstname and Lastname
      2. Select the Gender
      3. Select DCO as User Type :Do not add any other type.

      4. Enter the user's e-mail address (validation will be required at the initial login)
      5. Within the "Account Info" tab:
        1. Enter a username
        2. Enter a password twice. (Reset will be required at the initial login.)
        3. Set the status to Active
        4. In the section "User can view records for athletes in the following groups": "All athletes" 
        5. Click the select button under the "Business Roles" box
  • Add the Default DCO user role
  • Click the save button on the Business Roles pop-up
  • Notifications: Do not add any notification
  • Within the "E-mail notifications" section, check the desired parameter. You can opt for your organization's setting or explicitly 'always send e-mail' or 'never send e-mail' notifications.
  • Click the Save button on the page.

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