1. Log into ADAMS as an ADO business user
  2. Go to Testing Order Management
  3. Open a Testing Order
  4. Click the ellipsis (3-dot menu) and select Copy Testing Order
  5. A new form is displayed with the following information from the initial Testing Order:
    1. Competition name
    2. Competition category
    3. Major game event
    4. Game type
    5. Description
    6. Grants SCA write access
    7. Testing Authority
    8. Sample Collection Agency
    9. Behalf of SCA
    10. Result Management Authority
    11. Doping Control Coordinator
    12. Anti-Doping Organizations
    13. Test type
    14. Country / State / City
    15. Selection policy
    16. Instructions
  6. You can edit any of the fields and Save
    After the Testing Order is saved, user sees the informative message again: “The content of this Testing Order was copied from [previous Testing Order number]” where [previous Testing Order number] is now a link.
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