The Next Gen Athlete Passport Management Unit (APMU) dashboard is the APMU user's home screen and has multiple features:

  • Dashboard prioritization: categorization of passports updates based on multiple criteria.
  • Access to the invalid samples.
  • Search and filters for each section to find a passport(s) based on different criteria.

Passports prioritization

APMU Users have the following tabs in the dashboard:

New high priority passports

  • List of passports with an “Atypical” status based on the primary markers of each module as defined in Annex C, article C.2.1.3 of the ISRM:
    • Hematological Module: HGB and OFF-Score
    • Steroidal Module: T/E (urine) and T/A4 (blood)
    • Endocrine Module: GH-2000 score
  • Atypical passports with samples flagged as a late match between DCF and the Lab results (more than 50 days) are listed at the top left as they require immediate attention.

New other passports

  • Passports statuses “Flagged”, when there is an abnormality for secondary markers (as described in the ISRM, Annex C, article C.2.1.3).
  • “Normal” or “Flagged” passports with samples identified as a late match  (more than 50 days) are listed at the top left  of the section, as they might require immediate attention.

Assigned to experts

  • Passports assigned to experts
  • Passports for which have at least one assigned expert who has not submitted the report.

IRMS-SSP-CPR [AR9] Warning

This section includes passports for which a urine sample has been confirmed (steroid profile and/or GC/C/IRMS performed). A passport will disappear from this tab once an APMU report has been submitted.

 Follow-up required

    • New expert report(s)
    • New chat message(s)
    • New document(s) added.

All passports

All passports accessible to the APMU user.

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