On the Next Gen dashboard, each passport is illustrated by a ‘passport card’ with the following information.

  • Late match warning: when applicable, displayed when a passport includes samples with a late match between DCF and the Lab results (+ 50 days). These passports are listed at the top left of the dashboard area as they might require immediate attention.
  • BPID number
  • Favorite: from the card, the passport can be flagged/unflagged as favorite by clicking on the star symbol
  • Notifications: the green dot, when present, indicates that there is a new message received or documents uploaded.
  • Passport status: The passport status is preceded by a letter. ‘H’ for Hematological, ‘S’ for Steroidal and ‘E’ for Endocrine.
  • Passport Custodian
  • Tags: the list of tags (max. 4) added from the passport page is listed.
  • In the bottom left corner, the arrow in a square symbol allows the user to assign the passport to one or several expert(s).


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