The Next Gen ABP search allows APMU and Expert users to filtering the list using the following criteria:

  • BPID: Search a passport by its Biological Passport identifier (BPID)
  • Passport Type: Hematological, Steroidal, Endocrine
  • Passport Status: Atypical, Flagged, Normal
  • Favorite: Yes, No
  • Unread: Yes, No
  • Tag: Displays passports that have been assigned the selected tag (one tag at a time)
  • Passport Custodian

The selected filters are applied to the tab the user is viewing. In other words, if the user is searching for a passport (s) in the “New High Priority Passports”, the search result will only include passports in this section.

Search filters can be reset by using the “Reset” button.

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