APMU, experts and Passport Custodian can add tags to individual passports, these are visible only to the member of their own organization. In other words:

  • Tags added by an APMU user of organization A are visible only to APMU users within that  Organization A.
  • Tags added by an expert are visible only to the expert who added them.
  • Tags added by a user from ADO A are visible only to the users of ADO A.

For each passport, users can add up to four tags among a list of predefined tags.

Tags are color coded and displayed on the dashboard, on the passport card and in the passport page. 

Adding a tag to a passport:

  1. From the dashboard, click on a passport card to open the corresponding it.
  2. Click Add tag at the top of the passport page to display the tag screen
  3. Click the "+" sign  to add the desired tag and close the screen once done.
  4. The selected tags are then added displayed at the top right of the passport page.

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