Following a successful login, Anti-Doping Organization users are presented with a dashboard with the following tabs:

  • Follow-up which includes passports with
    • A new message ( in the APMU-PC chat) is received
    • A new document uploaded for the APMU
    • When IRMS is confirmed for a sample in a passport

    • When Further Analysis has been required in a submitted APMU report

    • When Target Testing has been required in a submitted APMU report
      Passports are removed from the "Follow Up" tab when (i) the new messages or documents are opened and (ii) for the IRMS, Further Analysis and Target Testing notifications, when a passport custodian report submitted.
  • Reports Submitted lists passports with newly submitted APMU reports. The passport is removed from this tab when a PC report is submitted.
  • All passports
  • Samples (Last 18 months)

The dashboard includes a search and filtering feature.

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