Within the passport page, APMU users can assign one or multiple experts to a passport review.


Assigning an expert to a passport

  1. Open a passport, click Assign an expert to display the list of expert within the APM organization. The next screen display for each expert:
    1. Expert full name
    2. Expert role (hematological, steroidal or endocrine)
    3. The number of passports currently assigned to the expert to evaluate his workload.
    4. A check box to assign the current passport to the expert
  2. Select the relevant expert
  3. add any relevant information within the Comment field, the information will be visible in the chat for the expert user and an email will be sent to the user.


Assignment of Expert(s) to a passport can also be performed from the dashboard using the arrow in the square symbol at the bottom right corner of the passport card:

Un-assign an expert

Once an expert is assigned, the APMU user can un-assign him to the passport. To do so, simply uncheck the corresponding expert from the ‘Expert Assignment’ screen and click ‘Confirm’.



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