The APMU report section is divided into two parts:

  • APMU Reports: where only APMU reports are listed
  • Expert Reports: where only expert reports are listed.

It consists of:

  • an opinion from a list of available options
  • A Comment with is a free text field (up to 2500 characters) to write the evaluation of the passport
  • Specific Further Analysis:
    • With a free text filed (up to 500 characters) to provide guidance about the sample code of the passport and what type of analyses is recommended.
    • a mandatory comment section as it will be impossible to submit the report otherwise. Contracting the “Further Analysis” section by clicking the again on the button will dismiss the mandatory action of writing in the comment section.
  • Target testing recommendation for the collection of additional samples(s) by choosing a sample type (Blood ABP, Urine, Blood (serum), or DBS) and one or multiple analyses related to the chosen sample type.
  • Documents: the user can select new documents to be attached to the APMU report. By default, the attached documents from the” Documents page,” are listed in the report.
    The user can remove the files that are not pertinent to the report.

An APMU user can submit a report from the APMU report section using the “Write Report” button.



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