Different documents (e.g., competition schedule, whereabouts, ABP doc pack, …)  can be attached to passports by different users such passport custodian, APMU or experts.

The documents page is accessible from the passport page via the button “View Documents”, where users can access to the list of all documents added to the passport.

The documents are associated to a review process when:

  • An APMU user starts a report
  • An APMU user assigns an expert for review.

For each APMU report, a new tree structure named “APMU report created on +date + APMU report Status”. Documents can be uploaded in the APMU report as long as the APMU report is “Not Submitted”.

Each document is presented with the following details:

  • File name
  • Message
  • Visible for
  • Upload by
  • Created on

Actions possible within the document section

APMU users can perform the following actions:

  • Search for a document
  • Attach a document: add a document to the APMU report
  • Edit visibility: for an uploaded document, the APMU user can give or remove access to an expert currently assigned to a passport
  • Download a document: download an already uploaded document.


Retention rules

All the documents will deleted 10 years after the last test date of the athlete.



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