Passport Table

At the bottom of the passport page, the list of all samples (valid and invalid) are listed in the passport table. By default, some details related to the samples are displayed and the user can add or remove additional columns using the “column selector at the top right of the screen. When adding or deleting columns, the settings will be automatically saved for each user account. The user can reset the column preferences by clicking "Reset Column Preferences".

Users can perform the following actions from the passport table:

  • Open the Doping Control Form of a sample by clicking on the sample code.
  • Open a lab result
  • Select/deselect one or multiple samples from the table to see the impact on the middle graphs after clicking on the recalculate button. Note that the top chart is not updated.
  • Export all the sample information in an excel file by clicking “Export Results”. The export feature will include all possible information and might not correspond to the columns displayed in the passport table.
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