The Sample Management (SM) module in ADAMS was created to allow Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) to :

  • Request and monitor Long Term Storage (LTS) of their samples in accordance with their long-term storage and further analysis strategy.
  • Request and monitor Quick Turn-Around Analysis (QTA) for specific samples 


Which samples are available in the Samples Management module?

  • Any sample collected within 6 months and matched to a lab result. 
  • Sample types:
    • Urine;
    • Blood; and
    • Dried Blood Spot.

Organization Type


Testing Authority

Shows the list of samples collected in the  past 6 months of samples for which the user’s organization is the Testing Authority and all samples with LTS requested


Shows all samples with LTS requested, for which the user’s organization is the Analyzing Laboratory.


Show all samples with LTS requested.


Long Term Storage 

Who can request a LTS storage?

The requester will always be the Testing Authority (TA) of the sample.


Who can confirm that a sample is stored? 

Samples can be stored in two locations: WADA Laboratory or the ITA storage facility.

The storage location is selected by the Testing Authority. It is then for either the Analyzing Laboratory or Storing Location to confirm its storage.






Quick Turn-Around Analysis (QTA)

Who can request a Quick Turn-around Analysis ?

when samples are collected close to when an athlete is scheduled to leave, contact the laboratory to request quick turn-around analysis and/or indicate to the laboratory that a particular sample is a ‘priority’ sample for analysis and agree on a date as to when that sample should be reported.

These requests could only be communicated to the relevant WADA-accredited laboratories via email. 

today ADAMS Sample Management now allows ADOs to request the QTA on any sample 

- Via the Testing Order 

ADAMS Sample Management also allows LAB users to upload the results of their analysis 

- Via the existing Lab Result import CSV/XML


How to request QTA on a sample ? 

Via the Testing Order 

Follow the steps below to request a QTA via ADAMS

  • Create a Testing Order (TO) in Adams Next Gen 
  • Save the TO as a draft
  • Select the athlete for whom we would want a QTA and click on button  ''Request LTS/QTA''


  • You will be redirected to a Sample Management platform where you will select the individual analyses if need be and Click the button ''Save''

  • in the Sample Management platform, you will then see the request indicator turned green and with the value YES

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