As of June 20th, 2023:

Next Gen Doping Control Form

    • Users can add activities to the form.
    • It is now possible to generate a PDF of the ABP supplemental report.
    • The warning message for dilute samples is now also displayed in view mode.

Next Gen Testing Order

    • It is now possible to select athletes from existing groups.
    • Users can add activities to the form.
    • When a Delegated Third Party selected as the Sample Collection Authority (SCA) is acting on behalf of an Anti-Doping Organization, a new field “acting on behalf of {{organization short name}}” is displayed below the SCA field.
    • Delegated Third Party users can now save unsuccessful attempt.
    • It is now possible to generate a PDF of the Testing Order.
    • When setting a test as "Closed - Sample not collected", users will have to enter a date in addition to the reason.

Long Term Storage

  • A beta version of the Long Term Storage (LTS) module will be activated in ADAMS on 27 June 2023 in order for the users to evaluate its functionalities and provide feedback to Further development will resume by the end of the year, and the use of this module by Anti-Doping Organizations and Laboratories remains optional. Please see the instructions here.

Bug fixes

    • Notifications sent to the Testing Authority when lab result is updated via batch upload and the result is changed from negative to AAF.


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