Following a successful login, Anti-Doping Organization users are presented with a dashboard that shows all samples with LTS requested, and the past 6 months of samples (based on the collection date), for which the user’s organization is the Testing Authority. To request a sample to be stored:

  1. Access the LTS module as an ADO.
  2. Click on the sample of interest.
  3. Click “Yes”.
  4. Enter the end date of the storage.
  5. Enter a reason.
  6. Save.



A flag (“Yes”) is displayed to indicate the request for LTS. Another flag is displayed once confirmed by the WADA laboratory.



  1. Version 1 of the LTS module does not include notifications to laboratories.
  2. Either the laboratories and ADO users can contact the ADAMS support should they want to perform a batch upload of samples for example where a large number of samples are collected over a short period of time such as a major event. The required information in Excel is:
    • Sample  Type;
    • Sample Code;
    • Sample Collection Date;
    • Testing Authority;
    • Sample Collection Agency;
    • Date of End of Storage; and
    • Storage Location, e.g., Name of WADA Laboratory or ITA storage facility.


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