LTS - Exporting the list of samples in LTS as a WADA Laboratory

WADA Laboratory users can export in a CSV format the list of samples they have stored in LTS.

  1. Open the LTS module;
  2. Within the Dashboard, Click Export
  3. The file generated with the fields:
    • LTS: Yes/No
    • Location: name of the location where the sample is stored
    • Stored until: date of destruction
    • Reason: reason provided by the Testing Authority for storing the sample
    • Confirmed by lab: Yes/No
    • Sample Collection Date
    • Sample Type: Urine, Blood, DBS, Blood Passport
    • Analyzing lab
    • Date of Analysis
    • Date result reported
    • Test Result
    • Analysis Attributes
    • Sport - Discipline
    • Sample Code
    • Testing Authority
    • Sample Collection Authority
    • Results Management Authority
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