As of July 18th, 2023,


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the quick search functionality. Now from Quick search if you select Test Result to search for then :
    • a DCF is found and appears in the results if the DCF exists

ADAMS NextGen 

  • When a DCF is started in a new tab in NextGen, the athlete tree for the athlete within the selected DCF also loads in ADAMS Classic 

Sample Collection Date & Time

Sample collection date(s) and time(s) on the DCF are now stored in UTC. A new field named ''Time Zone'' has been added to the DCF form 

The Time Zone field is now mandatory and will follow the rules below:

    1. New DCF (create mode) → Time zone is required

    2. Existing DCF with status not completed  (edit mode), → Time zone is required to be added before the DCF can be saved

    3. Existing DCF with status completed (edit mode), → Time zone is not required, but cannot be removed (it can be changed however to a different time zone)

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