Sample Collection Dates/Time and Time Zone selection

The latest release of ADAMS included a change on how sample collection dates are entered and stored.

Sample collection date(s) and time(s) are now stored in UTC.


Mandatory Time Zone Information

A new field named ''Time Zone'' has been added to the DCF form and will follow the rules below:

    1. The Time Zone field is now mandatory 
    2. The Time Zone field value will be automatically defaulted to the users device time zone but will remain editable so users can change it when needed
    3. The values entered by the user in the Date and Time fields will be stored in UTC

DCF Changes

The following changes are now in effect :

    • For all new New DCFs (create mode) → Time zone is now required 

    • For all Existing DCFs with status not completed  (edit mode), → Time zone will now be required to be added before the DCF can be saved

    • For all Existing DCFs with status completed (edit mode), → Time zone is not required, but cannot be removed (it can be changed however to a different time zone)


Impact on the BSS Calculation 

This change will have no particular impact on the BSS Calculation as long as the Time Zone field is correctly populated. 


What should the laboratories do ?

  • Ensure that the ''Default Time Zone'' information is correctly entered in their ADAMS profile (see attachment below)

  • Ensure that the Time zone field is correctly populated when entering sample collection date/time



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