How to create Next Gen Athlete groups and configure ABP users access

To to create an athlete group and configure your users ABP access, please follow the steps below: 

  • 1) Log in as an Organization Administrator

Following a successful login to ABP ( the Admin interface is displayed

  • 2) Click on Manage and select Athlete Groups

The available athlete groups are displayed. For each existing group, the details are displayed in the overview section.

The groups are divided in 3 views

                     - ALL: all groups your organization has access to

                     - OWNED: groups created by your organization

                     - SHARED: groups created by other organization and shared with you through an agreement


If no group exists, a message is displayed: Your organization has no athlete groups.


  • 3) To create a new group: Click on  “+Add

  • 4) Add a "Group name" and click onNext

  • 5) Click onAddin the page 2 to select the account that will have access to the group.

A pop-up window will open: you will be able to search for the user you need to give access to and add them in the group.

  • 6) Click onNext and then click on Add to select the athletes you want to add to the group.

A new window will open: select the athletes you want to add to the group. The screen includes a search feature that facilitates access to athlete using the following criteria:

First name, Last name, Sport, Discipline, Sport Nationality, Nationality, Gender.

For Sport Nationality and Nationality, please refer to use the Country and region Codes file here.

  • 7) Click onFinish

The group is now created and listed in the available groups.

The user can edit the group to add additional users, athletes anytime.

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