The creation of athlete groups is required in order to configure your users access and to create passports with either Anti-Doping Organizations (ADO) or Delegated Third Party (DTP) organizations.

Note: When sharing amongst ADO, the accessibility rules based on the disciplines for International Federations and countries for National Anti-Doping Organizations are automatically applied, therefore simply share the "All athletes" group".
We recommend that you create specific groups when sharing with a Delegated Third Party.


  1. Log in as an Organization Administrator (

  2. Click Manage and select Athlete Groups

    The available athlete groups are displayed. For each existing group, the details are displayed in the overview section.

    The groups are divided in 3 views

        - ALL: all groups accessible to your organization
        - OWNED: groups created by your organization
        - SHARED: groups created by other organization and shared with you through an agreement

    If no group exists, a message is displayed: Your organization has no athlete groups.

  3. To create a new group, click +Add ( To create a group for All athletes click here)

  4. Add a "Group name" and click Next

  5. Click Add in the page 2 to select the account that will have access to the group.

    A pop-up window will open: you will be able to search for the user you need to give access to and add them in the group.

  6. Click Next  and then click Add to select the athletes you want to add to the group.
    A new window will open: select the athletes you want to add to the group. The screen includes a search feature that facilitates access to athlete using the following criteria: First name, Last name, Sport, Discipline, Sport Nationality, Nationality, Gender.

    For Sport Nationality and Nationality, please refer to use the Country and region Codes file here.

  7. Click Finish


The group is now created and listed in the available groups.

The user can edit the group to add additional users, athletes anytime.

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