As of April 23rd 2024 : 


Our ADAMS support team is continuously striving to serve you better. In order to speed up our response time and ensure that we can get to every request, we are bringing a few changes to our support process. 

Please consult the article below for more information on how to request ADAMS Support moving forward


ADAMS Classic

Bug Fixes 

Duplicated DCO names

Fixed an issue where DCO names were appearing multiple times in the dropdown list when filling a Doping Control Form (DCF) leading to confusion on which one to select


Attachments entered in the whereabouts calendar are now displayed in the Whereabouts report (GRID mode)


Result Management

Automatic Pending Case Creation

A pending case will now be automatically created after three (3) recorded Whereabouts failures in a 12 months period


Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)

Information on potential TUE duplicates

To help in the TUE creation process and respect ISTUE 6.3

When saving a TUE application, ADAMS will now check for existing potential TUE duplicates. The system will compare existing TUEs based on the following criteria : 

  1. Is there a same Prohibited Substance/Method; AND
  2. Is there a same Diagnosis; AND

  3. TUE Status is Approved; AND

  4. Date values between Effective date and Expiry date overlap at least one day (i.e. have at least one date in common)

ADAMS will then display a table to help the user compare data from multiple TUEs


ADAMS Activity Log

The activities tab will now include information on the user's organization (see below)



Launch of Quick Turnaround Analysis (QTA) requests

The Long Term Storage (LTS) platform has been extended to also support Quick Turnaround Analysis (QTA) requests. The platform has also been renamed to ADAMS SAMPLE MANAGEMENT (SM)


ADAMS Sample Management (SM)

Who Can Access SM ?

ADAMS Sample Management is now accessible to 

  • Analyzing and Storing labs
  • Testing Authorities (TA) and their Delegated Third-Party (DTP) organizations
  • WADA users with read access to Doping Control Forms

What can be done using SM ? 

As an ADO,

  • Access a centralized view of samples where LTS or QTA has been requested 
  • Create/Update new LTS\QTA requests on one (1) or multiples samples at once from a DCF
  • Create/Update new LTS\QTA requests on one (1) or multiples samples at once from a Testing Order 
  • Create/Update new LTS\QTA requests on one (1) or multiples samples at once from SM directly

As a laboratory,

  • Create a LTS/QTA request in SM on behalf of the ADO (in case ADO did not create request) 
  • Confirm the storage of a sample with details on storage location, end of storage,...
  • Confirm QTR either on individual samples or multiple ones


  • Everyday, the laboratory will be notified of all new activity (new LTS/QTA request,  update to existing request)
  • The notification will be an email sent from ADAMS to the Primary Contact of the laboratory (laboratories must ensure that their primary organization contact is up to date in ADAMS)

Next Gen ABP

ADAMS Next Gen ABP Update - 11 April 2024

ADAMS Next Gen ABP Update - 23 April 2024 

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